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2014-2015 Free /Reduced Lunch Form

Fitness Center: open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-9 pm beginning Sept. 16, 2014

Senior Class - Important Dates for 2014-2015 (updated 11/10/15)

BES PTO Brochure 2014 - for more info please visit the BES PTO page


Joseph Badger School District receives Auditor of State Award

11/24  The new Joseph Badger School District Website is "complete"  Starting 11/24 you will need to


          Please allow up to 24 hours for the new site to be fully functional

11/24  Jr. Beta Club Induction 1:15 pm

11/24  Gr. 7 & 8 Choir Concert

11/25  Progress Reports

11/25  NHS Induction 


**2014-2015 Class Fees**

For the second consecutive year, 2014-2015, all student fees will be waived.  Trumbull County has been slow to recover economically from the Great Recession as compared to State and National averages. Students enrolled in Wood Shop and/or Family and Consumer Science will continue to purchase all related materials.



The Valley's official school cancellation web page is located here: 


Parents:  As you well know weather patterns in northeastern Ohio are often unpredictable as to location and persistence.  If on any given day, you feel the weather to too extreme for your child to attend, you may keep  your child home.  Please send a note with your child and he/she will be excused.


Our Mission

The Joseph Badger Local School District will provide academic excellence to all students through an effective and challenging learning environment that encourages students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners.


The new Joseph Badger School opened September 5, 2006 with the first day of classes for students.  Badger Elementary, Middle and High School form a 175,000 square foot state of the art K-12 facility that services the largest geographical school district in Trumbull County.  Students attending the Joseph Badger School, named after a circuit riding minister, Reverend Joseph Badger reside in Gustavus, Hartford, Kinsman, Orangeville or Vernon Township.  There is also a small population of open enrollment students attending from neighboring school districts.


Joseph Badger offers a diversified curriculum including Kindergarten/Enrichment and college preparatory courses which  include five high school advanced placement (AP) classes.  Badger Middle School is one of the select schools in Ohio  to offer three grade eight classes earning high school credit; French, Algebra and Intro to Physics and Chemistry.


Eighty-four dedicated staff members, forty-six certified and thirty-eight classified serve the students parents and community on a daily basis.  Joseph Badger offers a comprehensive co-curricular program coinciding with academic offerings and an interscholastic sports program which personifies team play, opponent respect and continued sportsmanship in all contests.


10 Ways to Communicate with Your Child’s Teacher 

1. Meet your child’s teachers early in the school year.  Don’t wait for a problem.

2. Ask teachers about their goals, rules, and limits, and how often you can expect   to hear from them.

3. Tell teachers about your child—special interests, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and

      any major changes in his/her life.

4. Get involved at school.  Volunteer in the classroom and for special events and field trips.

5. Make sure the school knows your schedule and how to reach you.

6. Let teachers know the good things your child says about them.

7. Ask questions when you have concerns and stay informed about what’s going on at school.

8. When requesting a meeting, state your general topic so the teacher can prepare.

9. Avoid automatically taking sides, whether the teacher’s or your child’s.  Try to stay objective and state

      your observations only.

10.  Stay calm - never accuse or attack.  Share what you would like to see happen.  Be specific and ask for details. 


Remember—Your child learns by watching you.  Demonstrate good negotiation skills.


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